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CASA KIMBALL …inner beauty

James Andrew at the Casa Doors

James Andrew at Casa Kimball

As I mentioned last week, there is so much to Casa Kimball, and sadly it’s beyond the scope here to encapsulate everything. Of course you could simply book a week and experience a bit of heaven on earth yourself! I did want to share a few more photos though and touch on some more thoughts on Spencer Kimball and his brilliant architect Jasmit Rangr’s masterwork, so I’ll make this the next to last post on the subject.

Dining Room at Casa Kimball - photo Paul Warchol

Dining Room at Casa Kimball - photo by Hilary Ferris White

Nowhere at Casa Kimball does one forget the sense of the place – that is, it’s all about light, the breeze, the smells and sounds of this spectacular location. Rangr facilitates this experience in a myriad of brilliant ways. One of the most notable and immediately apparent components of Casa Kimball is the innovative and generous use of pivoting glass doors which effectively act as both wall and window. These help to define the spacious architectural volumes while still inviting the outdoors in. – Its an easy thing to move casually from, say, the pool, right into the dining room for a gorgeous lunch – the transition is almost imperceptible – and eating here with all of the doors open gives one the fantastic sensation of dining al fresco. Of course when the environs become a bit too harsh, its just as easy to reclaim the protective walls while still letting in the constant visual splendor of the tropical world outside.

photo by Hilary Ferris White

Seating area - photo by Hilary Ferris White

Many of the rooms are appointed with the finest outdoor furniture covered in indoor/outdoor fabrics which allows for total ease of use and a resilience to the general openness of the design. Some of the really beautiful pieces were created for the site by Rangr himself and manufactured locally in the Dominican Republic. – Nothing is too precious here though, which helps to create a relaxed and casual feeling. As you can imagine, Casa Kimbell did have me feeling compelled to pop things up a bit (as is my usual impulse), so I’d slip into some fitting ensemble for cocktail hour, dinner, and the dancing that inevitable ensued!

photo by Hilary Ferris White

Indigenous stone hall and stairway - photo by Hilary Ferris White

Billiard Room - photo by Hilary Ferris White

Billiard and entertainment room - photo by Hilary Ferris White

Marveling at these luxuriously grand spaces (top of post), I’m sporting a white cotton voile safari shirt by Gucci, black cotton sateen shorts from Behavior, silver chain link belt by Gucci, Pierre Hardy cobalt blue suede with black gross grain trim demi boots and completing the look with these uber fantastic KVA sunglasses by Oliver Peoples.


  1. Johann Graf von Auersperg says:

    I love how the light comes in…….the tropical paradise outside and the luxurious interiors…….

    Have a nice day and keep sharing these wonderful posts with us.

    Best Regards,


  2. Eugenia Drummond says:

    Dear James,

    I love the way how you dress and the places you show us, you inspire me!

    Greetings from Brazil


  3. Christian Fuchs says:


    This place is really awesome, it´s perfect for a New Year´s party everyone dressing

    nice white outfits and asking Yemanyá the Godess of the Seas for some wishes…….



  4. Mag Lisperger v. W. says:

    Hello James,

    The interiors of Casa Kimball are great, it could be the perfect place to make a 70s movie. The architect made a good job. I can´t wait to get there!

    Best Regards,


  5. Bruno says:

    As you can understand I just love your blue shoes! We couldn’t find another well dressed man as you are in front of such a beautiful place!

  6. Cecilia Fuentes Ibarburu says:

    great presentation and choice!! i could imagine and feel step by step going through this house, feeling the air, the unlimited space, the understanding between outside and inside. A turn back to Nature where the human lived in harmonie with the environment feeling confortable and part of it. Generous windows building a kind of cathedral where peace governs.
    The cobalt color of your shoes, whose name comes from the german mythology of the middle age, called Kobold, which means goblin, is a kind of spirit. A special and cryptical meaning. Special touch as you are!

  7. Leo Kempster says:

    This is 1 amazing house, would love to visit there..

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