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Buy Something Today

A lot of people think they shouldn’t spend money now. Even some friends I know with lots of cash have caught the financial fear bug and are not spending. Unfortunately this attitude is only further undermining consumer confidence, and promoting an already dismal scenario. When people stop spending, decorating, shopping, etc. it affects so many people all along the line; from the woman working in a boutique who depends on her commissions, to truck drivers, to the artisans, artists, and designers who make all this beautiful stuff. It is hard to wrap one’s mind around how many people are involved in the production of even the smallest item or service – everyone is impacted. It may be a little counter intuitive, and require some courage, but spending a bit more is actually the responsible (and dare I say altruistic?) thing to do right now.

It was just Chinese New Years this past weekend and you know what they do a lot of to celebrate? They burn money, well, mostly ritualistic money, but the idea is there – to let go and make offerings to the gods of good fortune. Its actually quite liberating. Why not go and burn a little money? (figuratively of course) Make some additions to your living situation, buy a nice pair of shoes or whatever, and feel good about the good you have done for so many!

I hope to encourage my blogger friends as well as visitors to What is James Wearing to help create some momentum with this idea. While there is no doubt that much of the current situation was touched off by poor lending and market oversight and regulation in our country, and it is harder to get a business loan now, our current paralysis has much more to do with our attitude and a subjective sense of insecurity than with a true lack of abundance. We can all do our part to stimulate the economy by purchasing something today. ( :

Elated that my shopping spree has helped so many people, with purchases from Gucci, Tom Ford, Etro, Cartier, and Ralph Lauren, I am wearing Tom Ford sunglasses, shearling coat by Gucci, yellow cashmere turtleneck sweater and brown tweed motorcycle pants by Gucci, brown wool scarf Paul Smith, and silver leather sneakers by Dior.

I want to give a special thank you to the extremely talented Lars Stephan for this brilliant photograph.


  1. tartanscot says:

    done and done. Bought a great new riding coat from Ralph Lauren this afternoon, just as requested.

    and, btw, I’m a huge fan of Lars Stehpan’s as well. Glad to see that y’all are working together.


  2. WendyB says:

    Well, being in the jewelry business, I so agree with you!

  3. designerman says:

    hi james – i just chatted with bradley from milan…what’s up? you can contact me via my blog or email.

  4. good advice james – of course, for those who don’t have money, now is not a good time to add to the credit card bills..but for those who still have cash to burn – spending may help the economy.

    The real problem is the herd mentality – the majority of Americans are still employed – the majority of Americans will not be laid off – the majority of Americans will come through this recession just fine….but it’s the continuous reporting of only the negative cases that ultimately puts everyone into panic mode.

    Without a doubt, the mortgage crisis has and is still affecting thousands upon thousands of people – in some states more than 1,000 homes are being foreclosed on each day. Still, this is just a fraction of the total homeowners – but ultimately hearing about impending doom causes people to get scared…even when they have no reason to.

    Business is down in virtually every industry, but ultimately I think this is not so much a result of a lack of money to spend, but simply a fear of spending it. The advertisers are afraid the consumers won’t buy, so they take out fewer ads. The consumers are afraid of everything so they buy nothing and the advertisers do even more poorly, convincing the consumers that impending doom is even closer. This is all self-inflicted by the fear in people’s minds. The world of money is completely psychological!

    The people who keep their cool are the ones who will emerge from the recession with money in their pockets – now is a fantastic time to invest in stocks, at least for those who don’t mind a little risk. That’s a bit different from the type of spending you refer to, but buying stocks instead of dumping them can also help the economy slowly make an upwards climb.

  5. Fifi Flowers says:

    We NEED to stimulate the economy!
    I’m borrowing your post… hope you don’t mind!

  6. Chris says:

    Hi James

    Saw this in EJ Dionne’s latest column and thought of your post:

    ‘The president’s quest for a new tone in Washington also has a practical motive. He believes that economic recovery is about psychology as well as money and that Americans will have more confidence in the future if they see the nation’s politicians cooperating to resolve the crisis.’


  7. James Andrew says:

    Wow! Thanks to all for these excellent comments and thoughts!

    It really is so important to stay positive, keep an eye on one’s dreams, and do a little something each day to keep life going in the right direction.

    Very Best,

  8. Gitte könyves (B-k) says:

    Good going! My teenage daugher and my girlfriends AND myself just love beautiful clothes etc! We love to shop! Hopefully even in NY one day! thanks and good luck!

  9. fabulous picture!

    i agree with you! i rely on people to spend money so that i can make more money.

  10. A little late to be commenting, but I do agree with you. Spend prudently of course and don’t go beyond your means, but I’m with you. I think the television media is doing a lot of fearmongering. I don’t turn the thing on anymore…and I’m much better off for it!

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  12. carly_chanel says:

    Great and honest i adore it… I adore those Emerald green Gloves..

  13. lieben says:

    Thanks – interesting Blog.

  14. mietwagen says:

    Sehr gute Seite. Ich habe es zu den Favoriten.

  15. suse says:

    I can’t live without my gucci on..

  16. Leo Kempster says:

    I’m glad you said what you did. I’ve been saying it for years. People need to put money into the circle and keep it revolving. For instance, I have my own company and quite often, if I buy myself something, I will find myself with a new business contract. People find this odd but it DOES make sense.

    So get ya Gucci on folks..

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