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Bohemian Opulence

James Andrew Interior Design

We do bring you a lot of posts regarding furniture, art, and accessories, however sometimes it’s hard to imagine how all of this will come together in an actual interior – and so, after several requests to show more of my interior work, I bring you a sampling of what I like to call “Bohemian Opulence” – a rich mix of international arts and crafts integrated with important French and English antiques.

Featured here is a glimpse into the drawing room of a super chic couple’s townhouse. While residing in London my clients accumulated a rather spectacular array of fine antiques, and so when they acquired a 1890’s town house here in NYC, we opted to use this collection as the inspiration for the decoration. We developed a story for the interior based on a turn of the century world tour scenario, filling their home as was the style of the day, with an eclectic array of objects that would have been collected while on this fanciful gallivant around the globe. I made sense of the pieces, creating the perfect backdrops, furniture arrangements, and placement of these treasured items, filling in the missing parts where needed. The result is a striking modern day “Age of Innocence” kind of splendor with a few twists like the use of contemporary paintings to offset a massive fragment from an ancient Tibetan temple.

In any case, per request, we’ll be sure to bring you more from my portfolio (which includes a great range of styles) in the coming days!

Photo by Lars Stephan.


  1. Christian Fuchs says:

    Dear James,

    I am speechless, this interior is more than beautiful, I need to find the right word to describe it! As you said it´s very “Age of innocence”



  2. Maria Juana de Esquivel says:

    James, qué maravillas haces! es tan bello, me recuerda mucho a la casa de mi bisabuela con todos esos objetos tan lindos, no cabe duda de que eres un genio!



  3. Edie B. says:

    When I see this picture I think of wonderful times that are never going to come back…….congrats James, my cats and racoons love your style too…



  4. Simpática says:

    Me encantan las cortinas, se ven maravillosas y el reloj es una obra de arte!

  5. Christiane von Könemann says:

    Lieber James,

    Dieses Wohnzimmer ist ganz mein Geschmack, wenn ich das sehe erinnere mich an schöne Erlebnise, die Zeit bei meiner Oma in Bayern, sie hatte ein altes schönes Haus mit solchen Sachen, es ist unendlich schön…

    Drück Dich,


  6. Absolutely in Love says:

    This is uber chic! I wish I could live there…….

  7. Dagmar von Schwarzenberg says:

    Wow James, ich bin sprachlos, man kann sagen dass Du in jeder Ecke bist, es ist geschmacksvoll, das schönste was ich gesehen habe!



  8. Lola Montes says:

    Qué ambiente más refinado James, no esperaba menos de tí, me gusta porque al verlo me siento atrapada en un tiempo que ya pasó pero que me gusta mucho, es totalmente mágico! felicidades!



  9. Maria la Torre says:

    como siempre impresionante, tienes un gusto exquisito, James Andrew sólo hay uno!



  10. Freiin von Spiering says:

    Super schön James, es ist eine tolle Überraschung ein Foto von Deiner Arbeit zu sehen!

    Liebe Grüsse


  11. Jay Gatsby says:

    beautiful, it looks like my townhouse!

  12. Secret Admirer says:

    I love it! It would be much more beautiful with you in the picture!

  13. Tom Cavendish says:

    I really love it, I will hire you as my interior designer!

  14. Karen says:

    Beautiful — more, please!

  15. Peach Melba says:

    I am sure there is a long list of people waiting for you…….you are the Duke of Decorating 😉

  16. Maria Paula says:

    James, eres sencillamente un genio, hay mucha belleza en tus interiores, tienes una estética muy superior a la de los demás!

  17. Felicity Harris says:

    Dear James! how have you been, it´s been a while since the last time I wrote something, I was traveling the whole world, now I am back for a few days! I am happy to see you are doing good!



  18. Paper Doll says:

    you reflect your inner beauty in your interiors…

  19. Dean says:

    Dear James,

    What a warm and inviting room. I particularly like the window (curtains) and is that an “Odom” chair I see by the fireplace ? I find your palette very “English” – which seems very suitable for this client of yours. Congrats on yet another well done job !

    Dean in Florida

  20. Adelaide says:

    It´s amazing how you can create such a beautiful world…….thank you for sharing!

  21. Dean Farris says:

    J, very “Sister” !

  22. Kermit Alexander King says:

    I can’t believe I’ve been so “asleep” on you, James…you are heavenly!!

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