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James Andrew birthday at  Le Grenouille

James Andrew birthday at Le Grenouille

We had made spectacular plans to celebrate my birthday in Lisbon…but alas, “the best laid plans…” and so on. And although I was a bit saddened not to make it there for my birthday this weekend, as we’ve often said, delays don’t necessarily mean denials! In fact we’re still planning to go in the not too distant future, and I’ve been having a terrific time scheming and fantasizing per usual. Without too much heaviness about it, we set about making alternative celebration plans, and I’m very happy to report that my dear Scott McBee pulled out all the stops to make sure I had a marvelous old-school birthday celebration right here in New York City!

Martinis with McBee

Martinis with McBee

We were out of the gate running with a delectable lobster omelette and rosé champagne luncheon at the superb Union Square Café — a consistently top tier Zagat listing. Come the evening, we set off in black tie for martinis at the fabulous Four Seasons, then McBee whisked me away for the ultimate in luxurious French dinners at the legendary Le Grenouille (my favorite NYC restaurant). Its rooms aglow with elegance and atmosphere, and enlivened with fresh floral arrangements, Le Grenouille was the most gorgeously perfect place to commence a new and magical year for yours truly!

Dressed to celebrate all of this fabulousness, I’m sporting a Tom Ford magenta silk evening jacket and black silk faille bow tie, Tom Ford era tuxedo shirt in white cotton voile with wool barethea tuxedo pants, black patent opera pumps, Creed Imperial Millisime.

James Andrew and Scott McBee at Le Grenouille

James Andrew and Scott McBee at Le Grenouille

Diamond evening set by M. de Phocas

Diamond evening set by M. de Phocas

My spectacular diamond evening set by M. de Phocas, and the ever-handsome Scott McBee is wearing a Tom Ford black tie ensemble.

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  1. Fabulous, absolutely fabulous. C’est formidable! Funny you mentioned Lisbon, my partner took me there for my birthday 2-weeks ago, then my Best friend came for our last night celebration to make it special! Life is too short not to experience the finer things in life and just be able to wear whatever you want with style and grace, n’est-ce pas?

  2. Wonderful colour for a colourful man! Look forward to seeing you and Mr McBee next month James when we can belatedly toast your birthday…

  3. Regina says:

    Feliz Cumpleanos…to both! J’ADORE your jacket and McBee…LOVE DOES SHIMMER for you BOTH! The Pink shades of Le Grenouille are timeless for complexion and looks of Love…the Pink Hour in a room, with Martini’s – doesn’t get any better.

  4. Matt says:

    Happy belated birthday dear James.
    What a special treat at La Gernouille a favourite of mine too. Cheese soufflé please…
    You both look dashing, glad to see you saved the magenta for this special occasion, it was worth the wait.
    The M de Phocas stud set is breathtakingly beautiful, j’adore.
    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant and inspiring – Cheers to a magical year !

    Hugs Matt

  5. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Randy de-Paris,

    Thank You!

    I fell in love the second I saw that delicious dinner jacket and had to have it!

    I agree whole-heartedly to celebrate life and enjoy the finer things and dressing up is a most important aspect of the celebration.



  6. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Robert O’Byrne,

    I am so looking forward to your visit!!!

    Now what will I wear???



  7. James Andrew says:

    Darling Regina,

    Le Grenouille certainly does have the most gorgeous pink glow- everyone looks so good in that room!

    We had a lovely evening and get wait to go back!



  8. James Andrew says:

    Thank You my Dear Matt!

    What a fabulous BDay it was!

    Mr McB is just so delicious – he looked rather dashing in his Tom Ford TUX.

    That magenta dinner jacket is so EVERYTHING!

    My friends at M. de Phocas are doing the most wonderful things with men’s accessories – treat yourself 😉

    and YES! to a magical year!

    Hugs and Kisses


  9. James!

    Happy Birthday! Loved this post and the stunning images of you and Scott, chez Grenouille. Charles Masson signed my copy of “The Flowers of La Grenouille” many years ago…

    Love and light,


  10. Contessa says:

    Happy belated from Pargi!!!!!!That jacket and those cuff links and accessories are BEAUTIFUL!Looks like you and Mister Mac B. Were the best dressed for miles around!Congratulations on another year!
    Ps.You were spot on on your guess to a previous post!

  11. Looking fabulous! LOVE that jacket! It looks particularly good with the masthead!

    Sounds like the perfect birthday to me!!

  12. James Andrew says:

    Well Hello Contessa,

    Thanks for your BDay greetings and taking time to wish me a happy Bday!

    How is you voyage unfolding????

    Let me know if you still have connections at Gucci- I would love to be a brand ambassador for the new collab with Lapo Elkann.



  13. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Penelope,

    Thank You!

    Marvelous Magenta- I felt almost royal/papal in this glorious jacket and saved it for a very special celebration.

    Your Le Grenouille story is the tops- my absolute fav- we most celebrate you and your lovely daughter there soon.



  14. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Dean,

    I must get that book and have it signed as well.

    This is a rare breed- I look forward to celebrating this magical place more often.



  15. CD says:

    Happy Birthday James!!

    Your photographs take me to timeless spaces in New York… 70s, 80s, 90s… always with a touch of today. The classical attitude is timeless…

    Buon Compleanno and wishing you all the best and continued success in interior design, photo sessions, creativity and the online social arena,


  16. James Andrew says:

    Dear CD,

    Thank You!

    I am always thinking back to a time, a bygone era – especially the 70’s with it’s over the top decadence, glamour and elegance- not with too much nostalgia yet keeping it right for today.

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your fabulous feedback and support!

    Big Kiss


  17. Antipodean says:

    Gobsmacked! But in a good way.

    Loved the dinner jacket on you; there are very few who could carry that off, and you certainly did! Episcopal comes to mind, it is almost amaranth.

    Fabulous images too, perfectly compsed, of you and the dapper SMcB in a classic dinner jacket. How envious I am of all that deliciousness. I do hope the food was as stunning as the diners!

    Happy birthday, with many more to come.

  18. James Andrew says:

    Dear Antipodean,

    So happy to hear my ensemble had that kind of effect!

    Obviously I am not one to want to fade into a crowd and when I saw this marvelous magenta beauty of course I had to have it!

    The food et al were just sublime – a tremendous celebration on every level thanks to Mr McB.

    Cheers my friend


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