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Best-Dressed List

James Andrew at the Metropolitan Opera - photo Justin Williams

Generally I don’t like the idea of A-lists, best and worst dressed, etc. – the sort of cookie cutter judgments regarding style that can leave us feeling a bit “less-than” if we choose to buy into them. I am a huge proponent of the idea that one should not look too far outside of oneself for acceptance and approval. Instead, one should seek to define and gain confidence in one’s unique point of view!

Despite my usual trepidations, I was rather happily surprised and pleased with Vanity Fair’s 2010 International Best-Dressed List. The editors put together a wonderfully diverse and eclectic group that, as Vanity Fair writes, share an “…exquisite self-expression.” How fantastic to be celebrated for truly being oneself!

The way in which we dress is such a perfect form of self-expression and the most brilliant opportunity to get in touch with who we are and, yes, who we want to become.

So whether we are making a trip to the super market or, as I am pictured here going to the opera, one should really try to make the effort to put together a fantastic look – of course one should be fairly destination specific – i.e. don’t go to the opera dressed like you are going to the super market! But do develop your signature style and rock it out.

On my way to the Metropolitan Opera, I’m suitably clad for an elegant evening sporting a smashing aubergine velvet jacket, white cotton tuxedo shirt,black wool flannel pant, silver chain link belt and black patent leather shoes all by Gucci, Tom Ford black silk bow tie and black and white silk pocket square, black pearl cuff links by Seaman Schepps and a very special fragrance Creed Imperial Millesime.


  1. Leo says:

    I absolutely love it – the outfit you’re wearing here, and how you’ve described the importance of what we wear and how it shouts out to the world who we really are.
    Well done.

  2. Brian Cook says:

    Well said, James!

    Fantastic look as usual……


  3. Pam Schneller says:

    Recognition well deserved. We all appreciate a note of thanks, or a compliment. Your honor by Vanity Fair, takes it to another level.

  4. What an amazing honor bestowed upon you by Vanity Fair

  5. jon stone says:

    Well deserved! and BTW you look fantastic! 🙂

  6. Christiane von Könemann says:

    Mein lieber James,

    Du siehst super aus! Diese Farbe steht Dir sehr gut! Bist wie immer der Beste!



  7. Lola Montes says:

    felicidades James! siempre supe que recibirías muchos reconocimientos!



  8. Christian Fuchs says:

    Congrats my dear James! You look fantastic!

    Big Hug,


  9. Looking very dapper my friend! I love the architecture of Lincoln Center and think it’s fantastic how it has become the epicenter of all things beautiful and stylish. Opera…fashion week…etc.

  10. Dagmar von Schwarzenberg says:

    of course you are on the top of the list!

  11. Lil´Lilly says:

    I am so happy to read this my dear James! You look stunning!

  12. Dean says:

    Congrats !

    Stunning image!

  13. Beautiful and well put together James.
    Love the background as well, really a great shot!

  14. Matt says:

    Love the jacket James!
    Well said, went to the opera myself the other night and I bet 75% of the people attending didn’t dress up at all. I completely agree with you but unfortunately people are wearing the same clothes to go to the supermarket as for a night out at the opera.
    Luckily 25% were still dressed for the occasion and I enjoyed admiring their outfits.

  15. sally swing says:

    I have never seen any man better dressed than you! (of course, I have never actually seen you but you know what I mean)
    It makes me happy to see a bit of Beauty now and again…

  16. James Andrew says:

    Hello Matt,

    I am hoping that some of my rants might make people pay more attention to what they are wearing.

    Thanks for all your wonderful feed back and support!



  17. James Andrew says:

    Hello Sally,

    Thank You for your lovely comment!

    It is people like you who inspire me to continue with what we are doing here at WIJW.



  18. sally swing says:

    Kiss Kiss Darling James!

  19. Ross Sveback says:

    Thank you for the personal passions you share my friend – I hope it inspires others as it does me. -Ross

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