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Berlin Part IV

James Andrew at the teahouse Belvedere on the Charlottenburg Palace grounds.

Travel is an indispensable part of developing one’s visual vocabulary as an interior designer, and so I make a point to tour and explore as many architecturally important homes and palaces as I can fit into my holidays.

One of the most historically significantly buildings in Berlin, and a definite must-see, is the spectacular Schloss Charlottenburg — sort of a small scale Versailles — one could certainly spend an entire day exploring the palace, gardens, follies and pavilions. A royal summer palace built in the baroque style for Sophie Charlotte in the late 1600’s, it was renamed Charlottenburg after her death and saw some rather extensive additions — apparently the newly crowned King Fredrick the first felt the palace was not grand enough. During World War II, as was the fate of so many important sites, the palace was almost completely destroyed by allied bombing. Thankfully the German government recognized the beauty and historical significance of this treasure and faithfully restored it after the war — it now stands as an enduring part of Germany’s heritage.

One of a pair of classical sculptures at the gates of Schloss Charlottenburg and the central monumental dome in the background.

One of my favorite structures in the park is the little pale blue 18th century Belvedere tucked away in the Charlottenburg grounds. Originally built as a tea house and viewing structure, it now houses an impressive porcelain collection.

This day also happened to be my birthday, and what a fantastic way to start my year off!

James Andrew on his birthday at Grill Royal

As an added treat, several of my dearest friends all happened to be in Berlin at the same time – so we met later that evening to celebrate at the uber chic Grill Royal — I am told this is Tom Ford’s restaurant of choice in Berlin. It’s been described as “a cool, laid-back clubhouse with views on the river Spree.” Do make sure and book a table well in advance! With fabulous food and star studded clientele it is always packed.

Chocolate birthday cake at Grill Royal

I’m sporting my tyrolean style jacket in charcoal tweed with black leather piping and coin buttons, grey flannel pants, black leather loafers and chartreuse python belt with silver double horse head buckle all by Gucci, Turnbull and Asser forest green micro checked cotton shirt with contrast white collar and French cuffs, Seaman Schepps black pearl cuff links, Hermes silk knit tie, Lanvin glasses and my fragrance is Creed Bois de Portugal.


  1. Josh says:

    Posing at the holocaust memorial?

  2. Christian Fuchs says:

    I visited Schloss Charlottenburg when I was 16! It was a beautiful experience…

  3. María La Torre says:

    Que suerte tienes James! Siempre en los mejores lugares! La próxima vez nos vemos en Berlin!



  4. Pink Cinnamon says:

    Awesome post! Love your tyrolean jacket!

  5. Dagmar von Schwarzenberg says:

    Ich liebe Charlottenburg, warst Du auch in Sans Souci?

  6. Monaco Girl says:

    I would love to visit all these places with my red old Monaco…….

  7. I visited Schloss Charlottenburg 10 years ago. Beautiful! I like your photograph with the sculptur. Simplicity is the key. Have a wonderful weekend!
    p.s.: I would like to know which books are you currently reading?

  8. DeanFarris says:

    Dear James,

    Looks like you had a fab birthday in auld Berlin… I too adore you in the Tyrolean style, and could easily see you having a house like the belvedere, perhaps in the hamptons or Connecticut – Happy Birthday to one who deserves it. Thanks for sharing this trip with us.

    Diener Dean *****

  9. jon stone says:

    Congrats on this look James. I would love that jacket with jodpher style pants and a black cashmere tutrleneck for myself! And perhaps the perfect royal purple cashmere knit scarf and a cool black bag!! cheers James- and hope the birthday was memorable! 🙂

  10. I just posted an outfit on my blog in which I’m wearing a jacket from the same Gucci collection of yours 😛 This is empathy!
    xo xo Daniele

  11. James Andrew says:


    We are totally nsync!

    I want your jacket btw! I am hoping we are the same size.



  12. James, so love the outfit worn. Love that teal color.
    Another smash hit.

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