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Berlin Part III

James Andrew at the Holocaust memorial.

Berlin’s monument to the victims of the Holocaust is located right in the heart of the new government district, just a few short blocks from the Brandenberg Gate. Brilliantly conceived by New York architect Peter Eisenman, it consists of 2711 concrete pillars, all leaning slightly off center, in varying heights and sizes on a (204,440 sq foot) piece of land, resembling a vast field of nameless tombstones in rememberence of the horror of the Nazi death camps.

detail of the Holocaust memorial.

The vast labarynth, Architect Peter Eisenman explains, evokes the feeling of loss and disorientation Jews felt during the Holocaust. One would hope that a memorial of this scope would remind us of the necessity to let go of hate and focus on love, acceptance and understanding.

To clear our heads and on a lighter note- an hour boat tour on the Spree River is a fantastic way to see a whole expanse of Berlin.

On the river Spree.

I’m here perfectly centered in front of the uber fantastic Regierungsviertel — part of the new HQ of the German Government.

For dinner Scott McBee and I treated ourselves to a gorgeous dinner at the sensational VAU where we feasted on the most scrumptious 8 course meal. VAU has a Michelin star rating and offers a super sophisticated take on local cuisine. Vau is located where the Jewish socialite and activist Rahel Varnhagen used to invite the intellectual elite to join her for conversation and debate on Jägerstraße, so perhaps it was the wonderful wine or maybe the spirit of the place that encouraged some rather stimulating conversation.

I suggest ending one of your evenings at the fabtastic Newton Bar for a night cap. This ultra chic bar gets its name from the life size Helmut Newton photographs that are the focal point of the bar — the feel is modern day men’s club. Kir Royal, please.

I’m sporting a black wool flannel jacket, window pane plaid wool pants, silver chain link belt and black leather wingtip tasseled loafers all by Gucci, Tom Ford teal wool hounds tooth check tie and teal silk pocket square, Turnbull and Asser white and dark green striped cotton shirt with french cuffs, Seaman Schepps black pearl cuff links, forest green leather gloves by Sermoneta, black leather tote by Gucci and my fragrance is Creed Bois de Portugal.


  1. DeanFarris says:


    Fantastic shots ! I love your ensemble, very chic.

    Dean *****

  2. I absolutely love the Holocaust memorial photo. Your outfit was perfect and the lines in the photograph are inspiring.

  3. Brian Cook says:

    Now you’ve got me thinking I need those gloves. Next time I’m in the city I am going to Sermoneta.


  4. Brent Barrett says:

    Love those gloves too and all the buttons on the sleeve. Its a unique look that you pull off very well.

  5. Totally love this look!

    The contrast between the elegant jacket and the green leather gloves is my favourite part 😉

  6. Great look and I too think that the gloves are stunning!

  7. Lola Montes says:

    Me encanta tu tenida James, luces simplemente magnífico. Hermosos guantes…



  8. Christian Fuchs says:

    Great photos of the Holocaust Memorial! There are some bars in Berlin where you can have the view of the Spree River, it´s amazing!



  9. Dagmar von Schwarzenberg says:

    Berlin ist eine tolle Stadt, für mich eine der besten! Es ist immer viel los dort!

  10. María La Torre says:

    Qué felices deben haber estado tus amigos de Berlin de haberte tenido por allá, la próxima vez nos toca a nosotros!



  11. Smashing photo at the Holocaust museum.

  12. Rudi Oezelt says:

    James I love your photo in front the Regierungsviertel too how many tries did you have to get it centred ? 🙂

  13. James Andrew says:

    Hi Rudi,

    We were on our boat cruise on the Spree, we took 3 shots, and got his fab image.



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