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James Andrew

James Andrew

Since our return from California, we’ve had quite a whirlwind of activity here at home – it seems there has been little time to re-group, re-focus, and get all of those chakras aligned.

Most of us who work in the field of the arts and design are essentially free-lancers — we need to generate a fairly steady flow of work to keep the ball rolling, and this can be a bit of an emotional roller-coaster ride at times! In those between-project times, it’s all too easy to let one’s mind wander into a state of lack and limitation — one might start to compare one’s situation with the success of others, making one feel “less than.” Needless to say, this all contributes to a downward spiral of negative emotions — definitely not an empowering/empowered sort of place to be, and not the sort of place that attracts more clients.

Jotting down feelings, examining the negative areas, and offsetting this with a list of things one might be grateful for can set the stage for a more balanced state of mind. From here one can take a moment to just sit or lay and naturally let go of a lot of the self-speak. Even if one doesn’t succeed in totally quieting the mind, one inevitably finds a more immediate and present place (as they say, “in the moment”) from which to act (or not) if one chooses. There, in those little spaces between the inner chatter, the sky opens up with a sort of divine knowing (if that doesn’t sound too dramatic to say), and with it comes the feeling that all is well, and that all is as it should be. At this point, one can gently suggest to oneself that all the energy and resources one needs is here now. It’s really a simple act of changing the channel. In my own experience, after a ten minute session like this, (and this is a daily regime for me) I inevitably find that someone has sent me a key client or reference, and soon, I’m off again on another project! Indeed, we do shape our reality in each moment!

Whatever your calling, do take a moment to really listen to the things you are telling yourself, and make that little shift if need be…if anything, it’ll make you feel a whole lot better!

Dressed for a Saturday stroll and reflecting on the ravishing realities I am creating, I’m sporting Tom Ford royal cotton and silk pants and midnight and white plaid cotton shirt, Ralph Lauren cream cotton cable knit sweater and black alligator belt with silver buckle, Gucci black leather tasseled loafers, Rolex watch, Tom Ford “Marco” sunglasses and my fragrance is Lorenzo Villoresi Garofano.

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  1. Dearest James,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Your words are such a wonderful reminder to focus on the positive and to put great energy out into the universe. I believe it listens when you do and sends it back. Our work is definitely a roller coaster ride sometimes and when your down you have to remember that it will go up again. Its all about shifting our negative, and fear filled mind set to a positive one. Your post came at a perfect time. Hope to see you next time Im in NYC. Perhaps for the upcoming JAR exhibit??

    All my best,


  2. James Andrew says:

    Dear Michael,

    SO happy to hear- I felt like I wanted to share something uplifting, ideas that have made a difference for me- I am sure that many who read WIJW? are artistic types – who quite often have tremendous struggles.

    These words I hope empower people to take control of their realities.

    Would be lovely to see you- esp. at a JAR exhibition.

    Love and Light


  3. Bill says:

    great outfit James!

  4. La Comtesse Lola says:

    I just love you! You didn’t have to take the time writing this blog post, sharing with others these wonderful thoughts, to be concerned about others rather than your wonderful self…you really are such an Angel (albeit such a stylish one!) I must confess, I am sure I myself am going to hell (where I’ll know just about everyone, they’ll have a great band, and they’ll know how to make my martini properly-oh so very, very dry!)Oh dear, I shall miss you!

    Can we spend a minute talking about not only about how handsome you are, but oh my goodness that Mr. McBee? I swear the two of you make my eyes hurt you are so gorgeous, inside and out!


  5. Hail, fellow; well met!!

    That just popped right into my mind when I read what you said!

    EXACTLY!!! Stay calm…..stay positive……and then…..some wonderful thing “falls” into your lap! (not without all that homework you have done for years!! It is no accident!!!)

    I love our business…..(me:43 years); however…..this is one challenging time! Just banish fear! (it has no place…..don’t let it inside!)


    “cream rises to the top”. say it again and again!

    (it is the truth! , after all); and you are the “creme de la creme” !!!!!

    here is one more:

    “do not compromise” just don’t. It won’t turn out well!!

    One more: (I have this on a Battersea box I need a magnifying glass to read…..someone gave it to me when I was very young!!)

    “Never economize on luxuries”! DON’T!!! (I think Elsie de Wolfe said it!)

    BRAVO!!! and ONWARD!!!


    ps are YOU the reason I have had 500 new subscribers in two weeks? MUST BE???? Lordy!!

  6. Is this picture in New York City? sheesh! You are gravitating to ivy out of control front doors! I LOVE IT!!! YOWZERS!


    Who knew such a thing existed in NYC?? Is my gardener giving lessons!!??!! Tee her!!!

  7. La Contessa says:

    Where are you with that Trumphet vine?Those gates……….you look dashing as per the NORM!Do you ever have a bad day?I’am off to Venice and Paris so you may not be getting comments from MOI for a little while.I did note you have changed your fragrance……..and the bit about creating work and all you are exactly right!If you are doing what you love then it will all fall into place!I truly believe that.
    Just a bit of background from your CONTESSA here…..she worked for one of the companies you mention in every post many moons ago and that is how she met her ITALIAN husband!Can you guess which one?

  8. James Andrew says:


    Thank You!

    Perfect for a Sunday stroll!



  9. James Andrew says:

    Hello My lovely La Comtesse Lola,

    Darling – I was feeling inspired to share some ideas that I have personally found rather helpful and was quite happy to hear that many people needed exactly what I shared in this post.

    Well if you are going to hell then count me in as well- I am quite naughty and will be certain to be right by your side.

    Mr McB is just so delicious – an incredible man he is – I am quite blessed to have him in my life to share this remarkable journey we are enjoying.

    Love,Light,Blessings and Lots of Martinis


  10. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Penny Bianchi,

    I thought of you when we stumbled upon this ivy covered stair case – it is so rare to come across something so luxuriously green here in town!

    You are entirely correct- we must always maintain a positive spirit- feel as good as if all that we wanted/needed were already here in our lives. I really believe that we create our reality – why not make it a good one.

    So happy to hear about all your new followers – but I am not surprised – your exquisite eye and brilliant wit are both beautiful and entertaining.

    Love , Light and Blessings,

    when will you be in NYC btw?


  11. James Andrew says:

    Dear La Contessa,

    Your brilliant comments,feedback and support will be missed!

    I just adore Paris and Venice and find I am quite overdue for a visit.

    Gucci would be my guess- I was a huge fan for many years – then when the Telegraph included me in their 10 best blog list and described me ” ..his Gatsby meets Gucci style has attracted legions of fans..” and Gucci would not give me a discount – I decided it was time to switch things up a bit.

    Let me know if I have guessed correctly.

    Have a terrific trip and I look forward to your return.



  12. Great advice for “ravishing realities”, James! Pants, too!! ox Barbara

  13. James Andrew says:

    Dear Barbara,


    I love this idea of “ravishing realities” – if we create reality- why not make it spectacular.



  14. YOU are divine James, and you deserve to have the world on a silver platter !


  15. James Andrew says:

    Darling Dean,

    Thank You – or a vermeil platter 😉



  16. Howard Slatkin says:

    A beautiful essay, and beautifully written. You have all the gifts James.All best wishes, Howard

  17. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Howard Slatkin,

    Thank You! Your amazing feedback and support mean the world to me coming from such an exquisite aesthete and gentlemen such as yourself.

    I love ALL you images and very inspirational quotes that you share on Instagram- I sense we are on a similar journey!

    Love , Light and Blessings


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