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Being Present

James Andrew, New York City. photo by Gabriel Everett

James Andrew, New York City. photo by Gabriel Everett

Life can get so full of obligations and deadlines can’t it? And sadly we can become so preoccupied with reliving the past and anticipating the future that we fail to actually appreciate the now! Of course life only ever happens in the present—but those moments mostly get lost in the temporal shuffle don’t they?

At the risk of sounding a bit cliché, it seems the real challenge in life is to stay centered despite the allure of the daily drama and inevitable emotional turmoil one encounters—this is the true test of our metal. By the simple act of being aware of the present moment, and doing what needs to be done without all of the usual baggage, life becomes more manageable, and consequently one naturally finds more composure, focus, room and energy to actually affect and attract positive change. One begins to truly experience the world! We here at WIJW are certainly as susceptible as anyone else to the general frazzle of life, but we’ve found great solace in this simple practice.

BTW, it’s no accident that our thoughts today corresponds so fittingly with Gabriel Everett’s image—you can see we’re doing our best to be still in the bustle of our beloved but sometimes overwhelmingly frenetic city!

I’m sporting a Tom Ford tangerine silk basket weave jacket, white cotton shirt, lavender silk herring bone pant and silk pocket square, Gucci python belt and not seen Lanvin suede sneakers, Seaman Schepps black pearl cuff links, my fragrance Creed Royal Water.


  1. Troy says:

    the now is the only gift we truly ever have. Thank you James for reminding us in that uber top shelf kind of way…

  2. Brian J Cook says:

    James!! One of your best photos!! Love this one!


  3. James Andrew says:

    Thank You! Yes- Gabriel Everett is a real talent and I am so excited to create more beautiful pictures with him.



  4. Marc de Paris says:

    Best wishes for this 3rd birthday.

    Looking forward for the book, the videos…

    Longue vie à WIJW?

  5. Dean says:


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