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Be a tourist in your own town!

I am totally in love with New York City! There is a particular energy here that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world – a feeling that anything is possible. Often I like to play the tourist and take time to appreciate the multitude of arts, architecture, fine dining, and the many other diversions this city has to offer. I recently took a walk to Washington Square Park to admire the fabulous Washington Arch designed by the legendary firm of McKim, Mead, and White. Modeled after Roman triumphal arches with more than a nod to the larger Arc de Triomphe in Paris, this grand Beaux-Arts style structure continues to stand as a monument to a city devoted to the arts.

Basking in the splendour of this architectural masterpiece I am wearing a camel hair top coat by Gucci, olive nylon box quilted jacket with brown suede trim by Gucci, teal cashmere turtleneck sweater by Dolce and Gabbana, cognac corduroy pants by Gucci, brown leather “Chelsea” boots and brown leather and suede satchel both by Gucci, Sermoneta brown suede gloves and glasses by Tom Ford.


  1. Mr. Peacock says:

    You have amazing style and grace!
    I love your blog!

  2. Liza Martinez says:

    You almost look as if you were in France for a moment!
    Gotta say ‘VIVA Le Gucci’~ha~I’m probably banned in Italy now!?
    Keep up uR hands down~AMAZING Style baby!

  3. Belcanto says:

    Please sell me your gorgeous Gucci bag !

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