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James Andrew, New York City

James Andrew, New York City

After our whirlwind travel schedule we’re getting back into the swing of things here in New York City and already busy on multiple fronts.

I’m always on the look out for new sources of inspiration, whether it be for the interiors I create for clients, or for the thoughts I share here on WIJW, and New York City has always been an invaluable muse, as well as a venue for manifesting some of my most elaborate fantasies.

Something marvelous is always about to happen here and I dress accordingly. Being in this sort of mode of expectation almost always guarantees that gloriously good things will come about. While some may consider my sartorial efforts a bit formal, I do always try to keep a playful spirit when choosing what to wear, using touches of outrageous color and/or offsetting formal elements with a pair of jeans or some other casual element.

Pictured here, I’m out and about expecting spectacular things to unfold. I’m sporting a Tom Ford tangerine silk basket weave jacket, a shocking pink cotton shirt with contrast white color and cuffs by Turnbull and Asser, Uniglo white jeans, Gucci python belt with silver buckle, Tom Ford silk pocket square and suede loafers in sand, vintage Rolex , Gucci sunglasses, and my fragrance is Creed Orange Spice.


  1. Ross Sveback says:

    James, the outfit spectacular. Truly I need to begin to take lessons from you and your amazing, yet effortless style.

  2. La Comtesse Lola says:

    LOVE! That pink on you, not so much shocking, as it is just handsome! PS So jealous (but in a good way!) Penelope has met you! One of these days….

  3. Brad says:

    I love the orange and white together.


  4. Dean says:


    Being able to say that I know you is a spectacular thing itself!


  5. James shows time and time again that certain colors work together that most others would have dismissed from the get go – very inspirational.

  6. La Comtesse Lola says:

    Oh Dean! You’re killing me!


  7. CD says:

    A detail of Henri Matisse’s L’Atelier rouge (autumn 1911) of the Museum of Modern Art came to my mind when I first saw your rapturous marriage of tangerine and neonesque pink.

    But then I couldn’t resist thinking of Christian Lacroix, among countless many other instances of the history of couture.

    Happy and Hot August 1 and 2 of 2012!

    Time to head over to the beach now. Shall I couple a pink towel with an orange swimsuit? Just kidding!


  8. James Andrew says:

    Dear CD

    Do send in a photo of your pink towel with orange swimsuit combo.

    I was also inspired by YSL’s coloration of tangerine and hot pink used in his logo a while back.



  9. James Andrew says:

    Dear La Comtesse Lola,

    Are you referring to Penelope Bianchi?

    Cheers and Many Thanks!


  10. La Comtesse Lola says:

    Yes! La Divina! I love her!! We live not to far from each other, and she is an inspiration always!!

  11. I thought I just saw you on television, from the Olympic tennis match with Roger Federer, but it seems you’re back in the city. And I would have been surprised by the casual rugby shirt dress anyway. I would not have been surprised that you were there though, nor that the camera had found you.

  12. bill says:

    Great color combo…reminds me of Giorgio di Sant’ Angelo’s use of color.

  13. James Andrew says:

    Dear Bill,

    Thank You!

    Like Saint’ Angelo I also like to be a bit daring in my use of color.



  14. James-
    Love, love, love that outfit!


  15. James Andrew says:

    Dear Tracy,

    Thank You for all your tremendous and terrific support!



  16. James!
    Thanks for setting such a great example of true and new style.

  17. POUYA says:

    Dear James,this shirt is Absolutely Epic & I Seriously like your overall style…….Salute!


  18. James Andrew says:

    Hello Joseph The Butler,

    How very marvelous to receive your comment here on WIJW?

    I have to say I am rather fascinated by your site and find it incredibly informative.

    Sadly I was not at the Olympic Tennis match , perhaps there is a long lost twin floating about.

    I do look forward to your continued support and feed back!



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