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The Duke of Windsor is one of my major style influences – he often defied established fashion precepts, audaciously mixing patterns and materials with a rebellious, yet highly calculated eye. He was the style maverick of his day, and remains the model for many of today’s top designers. That being said, many men continue to be intimidated by clothing, sticking to rather safe (read uninteresting) combinations and gender specific colors. I say take a few risks, try some outrageous combinations, be expressive! No need to look to others for approval. Clothing should be something to have fun with and really is one of our most visible forms of self expression! Celebrate your own unique style!

Here I’m taking a few moments to enjoy the fabulous new High Line Park and channeling the pattern on pattern innovations of my favorite style icon. I’m wearing a Michael Bastian red and white stripe cotton seersucker hooded pullover, Club Monaco purple and white gingham shorts, a vintage silk paisley scarf in pinky reds and purple, Gucci sunglasses, and white leather bag and loafers, and that lovely vintage Cartier tank watch from Raj Tolaram.


  1. Dean says:

    James Andrew ! This has a 1920’s look of Riviera chic, like pictures we have seen from the Lido in Venezia, when it was still fashionable to be seen there, with Elsa Maxwell and Coco Chanel etc. Great color combination ! Have you considered a white wristwatch for summer? Are you wearing Jo Malone fragrance? I really like this shot, but would LOVE it even more if I could see your eyes. The paparazzi are blinding you, is that it? LOL, your adoring friend and fan, Dinozio Di Napoli 13/08/1929

  2. Maurice says:

    tres chic, just like the duke of w.

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