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Atelier Delalain

James Andrew, Emmanuel Delalain and son Gabriel. photo by Gabriel Everett

James Andrew, Emmanuel Delalain and son Gabriel. photo by Gabriel Everett

As you know by now, I love to incorporate the work of fine artisans and crafts people into the interiors I create for both myself and my clients; an individually handcrafted object really can make a space.

This brings me to furniture maker Emmanuel Delalain and his company Atelier Delalain who are doing the most marvelous things in wood and metal. With clean elegant lines, highly considered functionality, and a rich sensual poetry to his work, it didn’t surprise us to learn that Delalain honed his craft as a young man in the Southern French coastal workshop of his father and grandfather building sailboats.

Lured to New York City by a friend and fellow artisan, Delalain quickly found commissions. From crafting furniture for friends in a humble setup at home in the East Village to creating sets for the commercial and fashion industry, he built his business as assuredly, it seems, as he would one of his fine pieces. He opened his own Brooklyn shop in ’98 and now recently has expanded into his Dumbo workshop.

Bertrand desk by Ateleir Delalain

Bertrand desk. Ateleir Delalain

Needless to say, his highly innovative classical-contemporary design (we do love the tactile surprises) is deservedly quite coveted and I’m thrilled to be incorporating Delalain’s super sexy “Bertrand” desk into my vignette at the upcoming “Rooms with a View” Design Show.

Gabrielle polished steel console. Atelier Delalain

Gabrielle polished steel console. Atelier Delalain

Lily side table. Atelier Delalain

Lily side table. Atelier Delalain

Marie side table. Atelier Delalain

Marie side table. Atelier Delalain

White oak chest of drawers with polished steel. Atelier Delalain

White oak chest of drawers with polished steel. Atelier Delalain

For my fun visit with Delalain and his son at the Dumbo atelier, I’m sporting a Tom Ford “Snowdon” suit in lilac rose silk wool linen melange twill, brown and white woven mini hounds tooth shirt with French cuffs, brown and purple silk polka dot pocket square and brown suede tasseled loafers, Gucci python belt with silver buckle, vintage moon stone cuff links and my fragrance is Creed Original Cologne.


  1. danny says:

    Kids give a different perspective on everything. So great! The juxtaposition of E.Delalain with child gives you the air of a visiting dandy politician… BTW, I have those same TF loafers, but unlike yours, they’ve been worn and scuffed and have the appearance of well worn jeans…. They now need resoling and because I want to retain the lovely bevelled fine edge I’m finding it difficult to locate a capable cobbler,,,, if you or any of your readers have a suggestion…in London…

    X, Danny

  2. Dear James,

    Delalain is a genius, I absolutely love his furniture, what a great talent he has! Would love to have one of his pieces for my apartment!



  3. Martina says:

    Hermosos muebles! me encantan!

  4. James Andrew says:

    Querido Christian,

    Delalain is indeed quite brilliant and his work is sublime.

    I look forward to using his designs in many of the fine interiors I create for my clients.



  5. Dean Farris says:


    So beautiful and of the moment.


  6. Mara Helmrich von Elgott says:

    Sehr schöne Möbel, ich möchte alle haben!!!

    Herzliche Grüsse,


  7. Lola Montes says:

    Wow! qué belleza de muebles! estoy literalmente fascinada!

    me encanta!



  8. Christiane von Könemann says:

    Das ist ja wunderschön James, ich bin sprachlos…….Delalain ist sehr talentiert!



  9. Lil´Lilly says:

    amazing, I love everything!

  10. Juana de Esquivel says:

    James, you look so handsome!

  11. Marc de Paris says:

    Very interesting post, thank you so much Mr Andrew

  12. Oonagh says:

    Love that console, thank you James.

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