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James Andrew at the Chinese Porcelain Company

James Andrew at the Chinese Porcelain Company

It is that time again to celebrate ASIA Week. Now in its sixth year, Asia Week New York continues its tradition, unveiling a spectacular treasure trove of superlative Asian works of art at exhibitions throughout Manhattan galleries. The fun commences Friday, March 14 and runs through Saturday, March 22, 2014. Asia Week New York exhibitions are open and free to the public.

As you may know, Asian art has always been a favorite of mine. I love how it integrates so seamlessly with almost any design idiom. In the past, I’ve paired Japanese pieces with American Mission and Arts and Crafts, and I’ve successfully coupled modern Chinese Ink drawings with French Louis XVI pieces as well — the possibilities are always exciting. It’s no wonder that in almost every country around the world one can find interiors and architecture that have been influenced by Asian art.

It should be noted that one of this year’s Asia Week NY sponsors is the most sublime Amanresorts – who certainly know a thing or two about capturing the essence of place!

Our super chic friends at the stunning Chinese Porcelain Company (you’ll recall Scott McBee’s fine ocean liner paintings represented there) had us over for a special sneak peak of a few of the works they are highlighting for Asia Week. Their offering includes Chinese contemporary ink paintings – in particular, two marvelous and monumental works by Zhao Xu entitled Lotus Pod I and Lotus Pod II (flanking me in the photo at top) as well a group of ancient Chinese ceramics. It’s a stellar presentation of ancient and contemporary art.

Do make a point to line up gallery visits and see how you might be able to incorporate some of these treasures into your own interiors.

I’m pictured at the Chinese Porcelain Company (looking a bit “Amercian Hustle” I’m afraid) – perhaps a hair cut and shave are in order! I’m sporting a Tom Ford camel hair silk cashmere jacket with suede elbow patches and accents, lavender striped cotton shirt, purple wool knit tie, purple and lavender dot silk pocket square, brown leather belt with rose gold buckle and brown leather tasseled loafers, Gucci brown and purple cotton/wool check pant and sun glasses, vintage Rolex, moon stone cuff links, and my fragrance is Tom Ford Tuscan Leather.


  1. Regina says:

    Love the NEW YOU…quite handsome! You wear the mustache and beard well…so many cannot but you do! Lotus…beauty grown in mud to surprise us with splendor – Buddha’s fave flower for its analogy to Humanity!

  2. James,
    Nice post! You look like the man of the world that you are. Asian art is absolutely something we all can never get enough of. I especially like the things that were made for export, for the European market- anything chinoiserie, which is so very highly decorative. I was just looking again at the Alex Papachristidis book, and noticed how well he incorporates Asian pieces from dealers such as H.M. Luther, comparable to your beloved Chinese Porcelain Company.

  3. I agree with my predecessor! Do not change a thing! Chinoiserie
    is beyond chic!

    Oh! I went to a lecture at Lotusland by Hutton Wilkinson…..and it was “dying and going to heaven without having to die!!”

    The title of the lecture……”The enemy of the average”!!

    YES!! All of them! Ganna; Tony Duquette,Hutton!!

    “enemy of the average!!!” YES!!!!

    You would have loved it!!


    Come back!! Penelope

  4. I forgot to say……we are very big fans of Aman resorts. We stayed in 4 in Bali……loved every single one……the most divine trip. Amandari; Amanwana (tents…oh what tents!!!) Amankila, and another Aman near the airport! (one would never know!) two days after we left……the bombing happened. (at the beach place……nowhere near any Aman resort ) I am sure, however it hurt Aman Tourism! It made me sad.

    I said….: “believe me….you stay at an Aman resort anywhere in the world and you will be just as safe (and maybe more safe) than at your home!!)
    Exquisite! The most gracious and lovely people we have ever met!

  5. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Regina,

    Thank You!

    I was wondering if my “look” was the right direction- happy to hear people think it is a pleasant change for me.

    Yes- I adore the Bhudda analogy- all these incredible teachers – guiding us to get in touch with our own divinity!

    Love and Light


  6. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Dean,

    Yes – as you know I have always been a huge fan of Asian art and always incorporate elements into the interiors I create.

    Alex’s book is so sublime- I refer to it often as well!



  7. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Penny,

    When did you attend the lecture? I just adore Hutton and Lotusland – talk about “the enemy of the average”.

    Must have been so divine!

    I miss you all and marvelous Montecito- I need to spend a week there!



  8. James Andrew says:

    oh and my Dear Penny,

    I was at several of the Amanresorts in Bali as well- Amandari and Amankila- I did a project there for American clients- spent a month in Bali- wearing sarongs and alligator sandals everyday- however after a month – I had to leave or I would have opened a rescue center for stray dogs.



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