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Photographs by Alexander Coster Scott

Photographs by Alexander Coster Scott

As promised, I’m bringing readers at WIJW an even greater breadth of features – art, architecture, travel, food, clothing, and more – all geared toward creating that ultimate staging ground for a super-glam lifestyle!

A while back I mentioned WIJW would show you more photographic work from the noted artist (and our contributing colleague), Alexander Scott. I’ve been a huge fan of Scott’s for over twenty years and have made a superb collection of his work. He’s shown with the likes of MOMA artists John Armleder and Sarah Morris and is in the private collection of the 20th century Acquisitions Director Christoff Grunenberg, at the Tate Modern – so I know I’m in good company! You may also have seen his work this year in the jet-set Monocle magazine from Wallpaper* magazine’s creator, Tyler Brûlé.

I continue to collect Scott’s photographs for myself as well as for the interiors I design, and I’m thrilled with his latest series – an alluring conflation of high-corporate chic and simmering dystopia. – “My work explores ambiguous territory,” says the artist, “- the nameless space between the ordinary and the unknown.”

As a designer I’m always on the hunt for art to support and enhance the feel I’m going for with my rooms, and I can say from experience that Scott’s sexy panavision works, with their high gloss finish, and rich color, bring the most perfectly scintillating effect to the best of my luxe-minimalist interiors.

See Scott’s website. Scott mentioned he has a book coming soon – we can’t wait!


  1. Dean says:

    Thank you James, Alex Scott is a genius. He helped me with my new webpage, and I see now that it takes a genius to recognize the talent of another….Collecting art photography is all the rage, so I am not surprised that you have been doing it for decades. You are ahead of your time, in more ways than one.

  2. wendy says:

    I love this photography too – each one is like a window to the world!

  3. Kevin Lair says:

    Alex’s photographs in the context of his other work is even more compelling. There is an incredibly disciplined eye at work here, yet it never becomes too narrowly focused. Besides the formal skill at play, the presence in the moment resonates as an idea of profound depth. At first the work defines its real, personal, and emotional nature; but over time I have come to see each of Alex’s art pieces to project a kind of self-portraiture. I am amazed by his ability to create this kind of resolution from subjects that would seem impossible to evoke that kind of expression.

  4. Dean says:

    Hmmm…Julie and Julia, James and Albert… LOVE !

  5. abigail says:

    I love Alexander’s eye – what beauty and simplicity of vision. I love the presentation, too – outstanding, audacious and scrumptious!

  6. Christian Fuchs says:

    I love Alex´s work, It is very different from all I have seen before. Adore the colors, the perspective, would love to acquire one Coster Scott one day!

  7. Freiin von Spiering says:

    Was für wunderschöne Bilder die würden super gut bei mir zu Hause aussehen! Sehr schön Alex, Du bist ein echter Künstler!

    Liebe Grüsse

    Marie FvS

  8. Lola Montes says:

    Me encantan las fotografías de Alex, tiene una visión muy diferente y refrescante, quiero una de todas maneras!



  9. Pink Cinnamon says:

    awesome work!

  10. Dagmar von Schwarzenberg says:

    Mein Gott! das ist ja wunderschön! Sehr talentierter Fotograf!



  11. Lil´Lilly says:

    I love the yellow one!

  12. Monaco Girl says:

    I would love to have a portrait of me and my red monaco by Alex!

  13. Eugenia Drummond says:

    It´s a MUST have you are totally right my dear James!

    Alex: your work is wonderful!

    Kisses from Brazil


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