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ANN GETTY: INTERIOR STYLE by Diane Dorrans Saeks

It was through the rich pages of my mother’s Vogue magazines in the 1970’s that I fell head over heals in love with interior design. In one issue, the October 1977 issue to be precise, I happened upon Parish Hadley’s work on Ann and Gordon Getty’s glorious San Francisco home. The article was entitled House With a Heart, and showcased Getty’s grand-scale Willis Polk home decorated in the English tradition, but with quite a few San Francisco surprises. I wore that magazine completely out, obsessively thumbing through the sumptuous photographs of this remarkable interior, and I’m thinking now, it’s not at all surprising that I eventually came to work for the legendary Parish Hadley in NYC some decades later!

The Getty Dining Room

The Getty Dining Room

Of course, while designing with Albert Hadley, I wanted to know everything about the Getty home, and in his typical humility, Hadley gave Ann Getty full credit for the fabulousness of the outcome—praising Getty for her super sophisticated and highly eclectic eye, as well as the museum-level curatorial knowledge she has for art and furnishings. Hadley conveyed that he and Sister Parish had simply helped to create for Getty some rather marvelous backdrops. He rightly sensed that Getty would do fantastically well on her own, and indeed, as we know, she has been hugely prolific, creating some of the most sublime interiors on the planet for her select group of discerning clients.

A Hall of Mirrors with a nod to Califronia interior designer Francis Elkins and Serge Roche

A Hall of Mirrors with a nod to Califronia interior designer Francis Elkins and Serge Roche

A bedroom for Trevor and Alexis Traina

A bedroom for Trevor and Alexis Traina

Luckily for all of us, Getty has been generous enough to share her work, and with the help of the brilliant author and design lecturer, Diane Dorrans Saeks, (see her super chic blog The Style Saloniste) they have now produced the most tremendous Rizzoli tome, Ann Getty: Interior Style. Here we are given a gorgeous glimpse into the exquisite interiors Getty has created for herself as well as for her clients—opulent rooms where often wildly disparate elements live perfectly and harmoniously together—a magnificent “more is more” design approach, all executed to Getty’s impeccable standards.

I am certain you will be as inspired as I have been when you pick up your copy!


  1. wendy woo says:

    Thanks for another good read!
    Looking forward to thumbing through the glossy as well!!

  2. James Andrew says:

    Dear Wendy,

    My great pleasure to share this tremendous tome!

    Certainly a must have for anyone interested in style and taste.



  3. Roland Lewis says:

    A favorite maximalist. Always exciting to view Ann Getty’s interiors. Thank you for the great post and insiders view to this distinct genre of design. It’s easy to get lost in these intieriors, and I always learn something new in the process.

  4. Dear James-

    I’ve been following your glorious blog for many years–so it is great great honor to arrive onto your blog.

    I’m so happy you love Ann Getty’s fabulous interiors.

    After spending several years working on this book for Rizzoli, I admired Ann Getty’s work ethic, her ideas, her originality, her fantastic collections and the thrilling beauty of her rooms even more.

    Thank you, James. very best, DIANE

  5. James Andrew says:

    Dear Roland,

    I concur- obviously I have been a fan of Ann Getty for many years!

    I so appreciate ALL your support and feedback!



  6. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Diane,

    How wonderful to finally connect!

    What a rather marvelous way to bring us together with your glorious book on Ann Getty and the magnificent interiors she has created.

    Although I think this just the beginning of a tremendous friendship!

    I look forward to chatting when we are back from Lyford next week.



  7. Dean says:

    Great post James!

    Ann Getty is an inspiration to all of us.

    Dean Farris

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