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Ann Caruso Hosts an Intimate Breakfast for Jules Reid at the St. Regis

Jules Reid and James Andrew at the St. Regis Hotel

I was very pleased to attend a recent uber chic event held for my friend and designer Jules Reid at the St. Regis Hotel’s Petite Salon.

It was a classic old school breakfast affair with a preview of Reid’s 2012 Spring/Summer collection hosted by the legendary stylist Ann Caruso who is responsible for styling Reid’s latest look book. Needless to say, with such a marvelous collaboration, the event was something not to be missed.

Reid’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection is a super sophisticated take on resort wear chic, a kind of boho prep vibe that one could see working quite well in one of those beautiful Slim Aarons scenareos, i.e. “attractive people…doing attractive things in attractive places.”

From the Jules Reid 2012 Spring/Summer collection

For the occasion I sported a Tom Ford “Country Jacket” in lavender wool silk tricolor windowpane with leather buttons, gray check shirt with French cuffs, purple wool knit tie and purple plaid silk pocket square, Gucci grey flannel pants and suede “Belgian” style slippers, black alligator belt with sterling buckle, vintage Rolex watch, black pearl cuff links and my fragrance is Creed Windsor.


  1. I adore the lavender silk dress with matching coat!!

  2. James Andrew says:

    Dear Barbara,

    That was my favorite as well!

    I love the bohemian elegance of it.



  3. Marc de Paris says:

    Happy new year, James! Hoping that this year will be the year of our meeting in Paris.

    Best wishes

  4. quintessence says:

    I like that her lengths are a little big longer this go around. They were always a bit short for my taste! And you look fab as always!

  5. James Andrew says:

    Happy New Year Marc!

    Scott and I hope to be in Paris this Spring- April -ish.

    I hope your 2012 is off to a spectacular start!



  6. James Billimek says:

    Why don’t you ever smile?

  7. James Andrew says:

    Hello James,

    I am smiling on the inside!



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