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Andiamo a Roma

James Andrew—Palazzo Barberini, Rome.

James Andrew—Palazzo Barberini, Rome.

As we often pass through Rome on our way back from the South of Italy, it’s always nice to spend a few days there before heading home to New York City. This time around, McBee and I decided to visit some museums neither of us had been to before, and Palazzo Barberini with its dazzling frescoes and art collection seemed like just the thing.

Palazzo Barberini, Rome.

Palazzo Barberini, Rome.

Also a visit to Palazzo Altemps and its extraordinary collection of classical sculpture was well worth a visit—everywhere there were glorious glimpses of how it was once decorated.

Palazzo Altemps

Palazzo Altemps

Palazzo Altemps

Palazzo Altemps

After a particularly hot day of museums, a sampling of gelatos at Giolitti, 40 Via degli Uffici del Vacario provided just the perfectly cooling respite.

We took a pre-dinner stroll in the golden glow of a setting sun discovering new sites and revisiting some old before heading for dinner at Da Settimio all’Arancio, a little restaurant at 50-52 Via dell’Arancio. It’s a wonderful place with a rather eclectic mix of clientele. Their specialty, ravioli all’ arancia (stuffed with ricotta cheese and orange) was to die for.

Bernini's Fontana del Tritone

Bernini's Fontana del Tritone

For a rather unbearably hot day in Rome, I’m sporting a Gucci (Pucci-esque) print cotton shirt, black and white silk hounds tooth pant and navy suede loafers, black alligator belt with sterling buckle by Ralph Lauren, vintage Rolex watch, straw hat with black grosgrain ribbon trim from India Hicks’ Sugar Mill, and my fragrance is the very fresh Creed Original Cologne.


  1. Dean says:


    Nice look! I particularly like those trousers with that sheen to the fabric- I used to always wear silk in the Summer, when I was in my twenties. Today I’m wearing a vintage Armani shirt with a pair of bespoke trousers in morning grey with pale lavender stripes, and Todd’s driving shoes.


  2. James Andrew says:


    Sounds like a perfectly elegant ensemble!



  3. CD says:

    What a great photograph in Bernini’s square staircase followed by Borromini’s oval one at Palazzo Barberini. Perhaps one of the paintings that lures me to return to this museum every time I’m in Rome is Caravaggio’s Narcissus. Yet apart from the countless masterpieces there, it must be Borromini’s helicoid staircase that compels me to revisit Palazzo Barberini time after time.

    P.S. I can see James riding a Vespa in Rome with his Etro-esque Gucci shirt! I don’t know why I’m such a Vespa aficionado whenever I’m in the Eternal City. It must make me feel I have become a temporary Roman citizen.

  4. James Andrew says:

    Hi CD,

    Thank You!

    I adore Roma!

    Have you seen Woody Allen’s latest film- To Rome With Love

    It totally romances this eternal city.



  5. CD says:

    Thanks for asking about Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love, quite a hilarious comedy that I did see a few weeks ago. It actually made me want to rewatch such legendary films as Pasolini’s Mamma Roma, Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, Roma, 8 1/2… and The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone.

    Speaking of recent movies, I thought The Intouchables and Bel Ami were both enjoyable. I still haven’t had a chance to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (that a friend recommended) nor Farewell My Queen. I should also make an effort not to miss Marina Abramovic’s The Artist Is Present.

    Back to Andiamo a Roma: I was going to write, if possible please show us more photos of you from that Caput Mundi. But you already have–in fact some fascinating ones! I shall be viewing them now.



  6. You will love the “Marigold” film…….I will see your other recommendations!

    what a wonderful trip!

  7. James Andrew says:

    Dear Penelope,

    Thank You!

    I do so enjoy your comments and feedback!



  8. Matt says:

    Dear James,

    Great minds think alike, each time when in Rome I try to have a dinner at Da Settimio all’Arancio to eat my favorite ravioli dish to note ravioli all’ arancia! Counting down till October….

    Seems you had a fab trip!

    Hugs Matt

  9. POUYA says:

    I Absolutely Love this shirt;the pattern is Truly Epic!
    looks like a Brilliantly Stylish Vacation,I’m Inspired greatly…….Salute!


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