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Alex Minsky

Alex Minsky photographed by Michael Stokes

Alex Minsky photographed by Michael Stokes

To be certain, it was these striking images that made me want to find out more about Alex Minsky. That body had a story to tell!! And so WIJW set out to contact the man to glean what we could, and indeed it is a story worth hearing! While it is well beyond the scope here to really do it justice (there’s definitely a book in it), we thought to at least bring our readers something to pique their interest.

I dream that people will see my actions from up close or from far away, and [will be] given that extra push. – Alex Minsky

After graduating from High School in Southern California, Minsky found himself a bit lost as many a young man is at that age—and like many young men seeking values and adventure, he looked to the military, and in this particular case, that most hallowed and challenging service, the US Marine Corps. It was while stationed in Afghanistan and on a patrol in the middle of the night and in the middle of nowhere, that his truck was hit by an IED. “That one messed me up pretty bad that night,” Minsky tells us, and as it goes, he began possibly his most challenging endeavor, a long and arduous recovery.

The second and perhaps no less painful blow came when he was told that he could not rejoin his men on the battlefield. Feeling crushed and displaced, he turned to alcohol…and his drinking became so problematic that a judge told him he would be heading to jail if he did not get his act together. With effort and determination (qualities that seem to have informed Minsky from the start) he fought this addiction. Happily for all of us, he has found that a sober life was much better than he could have ever imagined!

Alex Minsky photographed by Eric Schwabel

Alex Minsky photographed by Eric Schwabel

Fast forward to today…several photographers have documented Minsky, and collectively they have been creating some powerful images—it’s Alex Minsky’s sense of perseverance that shines through in all of them, but the underlying quality of strength that Minsky embodies goes far beyond mere (not to belittle this achievement) recovery; he embodies forces of truly Heroic proportion.

Minsky in uniform

Minsky in uniform

There is no doubt in my mind that his star is well on the rise. He has stepped up and is proud to share his authentic self with the world….”I dream that people will see my actions from up close or from far away, and [will be] given that extra push.”

This young man gave up so much in service to this country and now continues to inspire and be a light to the world. Follow his journey on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Brilliant post. I love this guy. (and the photographers)

  2. James Andrew says:

    Dear D. Scott Tjaden,

    Thank You!

    Alex is tremendous!

    Follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

    You can also buy his photos by Eric Schwabel.



  3. Thomas Clenney says:

    Very well written and very to the point. Thank you James… Oohh Rahh!!!

  4. Joshua Brooks says:

    Minksy is a great man. He’s stronger than hell for going what he went through and being where he is today. We had a rough night that’s for sure, and I had to follow him the whole way home. I love you bro, and I’m extremely happy for you.

  5. Maggie Holmes says:

    He is quite an inspiration for the young and old. His story itself is touching, his service to his country admirable and facing his personal demons inspiring. It is not adversity that defines us but how we rise above adversity. Alex has done that with great aplomb. I am proud to have met, albeit from afar through pictures and stories, the man. Kudos to you Alex. And on a secondary note, I thank you for sharing your story, struggles, success and the awesome pictures that have been taken of you. You are beautiful from the inside out!

  6. Doug James says:

    Although I don’t know Alex personally, I find him to be a true exemplar of perseverance. His always positive, and often self effacing, comments on Facebook leave me in awe considering the adversity he has overcome. Alex’s embodiment of the human spirit, and inherent desire to repeatedly rise forth from the ashes have created the image, in my mind anyway, of a real life phoenix. Go forth and conquer Alex!

  7. James Andrew says:

    Hello Joshua,

    I am just getting to know Alex and love his spirit- a true hero!

    Can’t imagine what you guys must have gone through.

    Thank You for your service and great sacrifices.

    I am so honored to have been able to share Alex’s story and hopefully help him grow his fan base.

    Wishing you all the best!



  8. James Andrew says:

    Hey there Thomas,

    Thank You!

    This was such a great story to share, I sense it will inspire many people!



  9. James Andrew says:

    Dear Maggie,

    So happy to hear you are enjoying what we have been sharing here on WIJW?

    I decided to make an exception with my usual more autobiographical posts and do something to honor and celebrate this amazing man.

    Thank You!



  10. Julie Kasperson says:

    Nicely written article about Alex. I do follow him on Facebook and Instagram and find him to be a great inspiration. I first saw his images through Michael Stokes photography and I was bowled over. As a photographer myself, I know it takes models a lot of courage and confidence to get up in front of a camera. Thank you for highlighting Alex’s efforts. His attention and fan base is well deserved.

  11. CD says:

    Fierce. Brilliant. Moving. Surreal. Elegant. Attractive. Original. Courageous. Poignant. Sexy. Cutting Edge. Theatrical. Admirable. Eloquent. Compelling.

  12. James Andrew says:

    Dear Julie,

    Thank You!

    I felt it a great honor to share and hopefully help Alex connect with a larger audience.

    This is something I don’t typically do- but felt moved to want to do something for him- after all he has done and given up so much in service to our country.



  13. James Andrew says:

    My Dear CD,

    Alex Minsky indeed is so – Everything- which you have so eloquently stated.

    I look forward to seeing his star rise!

    Cheers and Thank You!


  14. Turner McCullough Jr says:

    Thank you for an excellent article offering insight into this dynamic young man. As a retired Army veteran, I find his story compelling and inspiring. Glad to more of his background story and what demons he faced. As a photographer I admire his willingness to expose himself to the world and the absolutely brilliant results that have resulted from the love affair with the camera that he evokes. And make no mistake, there is a love being witnessed here. Alex emotes engagement and connection in every image captured of him. He is impossible to resist. Sincere, humble and extremely appreciative, he is so elegantly, a good guy. I wish him only good things in his life. Thank you for affording us this glimpse of this most admirable human being.

  15. James Andrew says:

    Dear Turner,

    It was my great pleasure and honor to share Alex Minsky and his story with my readers.

    So happy to hear that so many are moved and touched by his spirit.



  16. gabi mueller says:

    ich liebe diesen willensstarken mann und bewundere ihn sehr!!
    er ist sooo mutig und stark – ich wäre gerne so wie er.
    ich folge ihm – wo immer er sich aufhält.
    ich wünsche ihm viel erfolg weiterhin und viel kraft u spass an seiner model-karriere!!
    liebe grüsse aus hamburg/germany………bussiiiiiiiii……= kiss

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