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We’re thrilled to be sharing Alex Hitz’s tremendous new tome, The Art of the Host: Recipes and Rules for Flawless Entertaining with our WIJW readership. As you may remember, I was absolutely obsessed with Hitz’s last book, My Beverly Hills Kitchen, which was and still is one of my very favorite go-to cook books! In fact it’s what I gave to everyone over several holidays! Needless to say, I was very pleased to receive his latest!

I think many are made a bit uneasy by the idea of hosting a dinner party. It’s totally understandable. Thankfully here’s where Alex Hitz comes to the rescue! He knows more than a thing or two about hosting – in fact the Wall Street Journal has called him the “the very best host in the world.” But don’t let that intimidate you. In his latest book, Hitz defuses the sometimes daunting task, breaking it all down into simple, straightforward steps. The Art of the Host has all kinds of information about getting started. Chapters like: The Things I always Love and Absolutely Love, will give you the essentials you need to become a fabulous host/cook, and chapters like: The Things to Always and Never Do, will tell you what you should have in your kitchen.

From The Art of the Host

And then there are 120 of Alex Hitz’s signature no-fail recipes. In some cases, as Hitz likes to put it, “they practically make themselves!”

For dinner this holiday, I look forward to serving this fabulous menu taken from the pages of Hitz’s “The Art of the Host”: Salmon en-Croute with Easiest-ever Bearnaise Sauce; French Green Beans with Almonds; Poire Belle Helene Perfect Poached Pears. All accompanied by well chosen wine, this should take the dark and chill out of the season!

From “The Art of the Host”: Salmon en-Croute with Easiest-ever Bearnaise Sauce and French Green Beans with Almonds
From The Art of the Host
From The Art of the Host
From The Art of the Host
From Art of the Host

Given my enthusiasm for the book, it shouldn’t surprise you that I’m also gifting The Art of the Host to everyone on my Christmas list!

I hope all of our WIJW readers will join us in our efforts to revive the grand old tradition of the dinner party! With Hitz by our side, we’ll be sure to regain that “…sense of fun and community,” he speaks of, “…gathering people together for good simple food.” (excerpt Hitz, New York Times)

Pick up your copy here on Amazon: The Art of the Host: Recipes and Rules for Flawless Entertaining


  1. Bravo WIJW and Alex Hitz! This book is divine, a go-to, a keeper, a trusted source, a treasure! Thank you, James, and thank you, Alex!

  2. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Frances ,

    Alex Hitz just gets everything right!

    I am anxious to explore your book!

    Much Love


  3. John Downs says:

    Just wanted to make sure you are feeling good since the virus is running rampant in New York

  4. James Andrew says:

    Dear John

    Thank You!

    Yes we are well!

    Not sure I have your correct contact info – Ive tried to reach you a few times.

    My email


    All Best


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