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Albert Hadley Inc: End of an Era?

James Andrew at Sotheby's

I have to say I was a bit saddened by my visit yesterday to see a few items from the collection of Albert Hadley at Sotheby’s.

Working with Hadley provided me with invaluable insight into what it takes to make a sublime interior, and seeing so many familiar Hadley pieces on the Auction block really had me feeling that this marked an end of an era. But then I thought—perhaps this is not an end. The opportunity still exists to carry on—to imbue my own interior work with the same spirit that made Parish-Hadley the iconic firm it was for almost half a century. Suitability and comfort; collaboration with world class artisans and crafts people; exquisite workmanship; an unerring eye for detail; and a love for even the most modest of materials to create perfectly understated elegance—all of these characteristics typified the Parish-Hadley approach, and I’d like to think these are still relevant to designers and their clients today!

And so I’m making an effort to temper my sadness, and to actually elicit some joy in the face of things. I continue to owe so much to Hadley’s great legacy, and perhaps the best way to honor this debt is to renew my commitment to uphold the high standard that Parish-Hadley and Albert Hadley Inc. set for us all.

Leaving Sotheby’s, I’m sporting a Tom Ford era Gucci camel hair top coat, aubergine velvet jacket and python belt with silver buckle, Tom Ford dark brown cotton corduroy pants and pink silk pocket square, shocking pink cotton shirt with contrast white collar and French cuffs by Turnbull and Asser, vintage moon stone cuff links, dark brown silk satin tie by Ralph Lauren, aubergine suede “Eton” boots by Yves Saint Laurent, sunglasses by Tom Ford, brown suede gloves by Sermoneta and my fragrance is Eau d’Italie Paestum Rose from our friends the Sersales.


  1. fran says:

    Love your outfit and words of grattitude!

  2. Scott-Michael Anderson says:

    Nice duds, James! I hoped you picked up a piece or two as a remembrance.

  3. Brian J Cook says:

    Hi, James!! Fantastic post!! Loving the beard!


  4. robin says:

    You look beyond – LOVE the facial hair…..

  5. Your facial hair look is great and so are the boots. The latter finish the look very well.

  6. Dean says:

    Dearest James,

    If not for Albert, we would have not become friends! You look like a model from Milano here. I love the vignette you created while at PH which is shown on your interior design site.
    Your inspiration will carry you forward. As Albert has said, “One must believe with his heart, his gut, and his head! PASSION!


  7. Leo Kempster says:

    Hi J, sorry I haven’t commented for a while, been quite ill recently. But you’re looking as sharp as ever may I say…

  8. Stephanie Tuliglowski says:

    Very nice article James, and you look fabulous~

  9. Ms F says:

    Ah Stephanie from Illinois? Hello

  10. Yes, it is a happy time as we are thankful that Mister is still with us and able to benefit from this sale. And just imagine all the joy to be spread to the successful bidders!

  11. James,
    I really get your Hipster-Cool, kind of 1950’s Rat Pack Chic look. You could easily fit in with Frank, Sammy, Peter and Dean.
    There are elements from every look you do, that I REALLY like. Just one thing SMILE MORE.

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