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Adriano Meneghetti Belts

Adriano Meneghetti Belts

While planning ensembles for a few trips recently, I realized that I was quite lacking in the belt department – particuarly the casually elegant sort that one might wear with espadrilles, loafers or sandals. Enter Adriano Meneghetti.

The Milan-born designer, Meneghetti, was able to realize his dream to form his own label in 2011, and the line now delivers everything one expects from a top tier Italian brand. Superb craftsmanship, style, elegance, and a respect for the past typify the Meneghetti line, and the time honored tradition of long wear and durability have been a core design ethic from the start.

Adriano Meneghetti Belts

Adriano Meneghetti Belts

You’ll find woven leathers and waxed cottons, unusual colorations and fabulous buckles — there’s a sort of wonderful merging, an Italo-WASP sensibility if you will, that made me an instant fan. In fact. I’ve procured several of these beauties.

Adriano Meneghetti Belts

Adriano Meneghetti Belts

Now, on the subject of wearing a belt: There are a few WIJW suggestion that one might choose to observe. For instance, if one’s pants or shorts have belt loops, one really should wear a belt. The only exception I can think of is if one is wearing a kaftan or tunic type shirt — a Cuban guayabera or something of that ilk — something that is not meant to be tucked in, then one could forego the belt. Other than that, I’m pretty adamant on this subject! Actually I’m fairly appalled when I see even some of the most highly regarded men’s style/fashion bloggers not wearing a belt. Similar to adding a pocket square when wearing a sport coat, suit jacket or blazer, wearing a belt is not only a way to express one’s sartorial splendor, but it really does complete an ensemble.

I do see a lot of young men in ill fitting jeans and dress shirts untucked and somehow this has become an acceptable form of “dressing up.” To me, when clothes fit properly and shirts are tucked in and the ensemble is finished with a fine belt, the extra effort shows that the wearer respects himself and those around him.

Well, enough of my rant. Now do go and enjoy the brilliant belts online at Adriano Meneghetti and pick up a few while you’re at it!

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  1. Karena says:

    James, you are right, it is all in the details and Adriano’s belts are superb!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. OH! YES!!!

    I am happy that you are “fairly appalled” at the dress wherever you are! Being a “visual person” my entire life (if it were not for my mother; I would think this was not unusual!!)

    I have been kind of horrified at the dress….of the masses. I decided TODAY to “turn over a new leaf”!!

    I detest negativity!! (I don’t love mediocrity much; but my most unfavorite is “negativity”!)

    My new leaf!! on my blog, on my comments on other blogs…in my conversations….and in general in my mind!

    negativity: immediately banished!!

    positive and lovely things: noticed, remarked upon and recorded!

    There are far to many lovely, positive, beautiful things in this world…..not to have them noticed and celebrated!

    ugly things if ignored (like trolls will fade away)

    My new leaf!!
    James Andrew is always positive! He is leading my way!!


  3. oops! correction! (I was an English major, after all)

    “far too many” corrects a typo in my previous comment!

    By the way; RAVISHING is the only word to describe you!!


  4. James Andrew says:

    Darling Karena,

    Men have few opportunities to express thier “sartorial splendour” so why miss out- a belt is a brilliant way to complete an ensemble.



  5. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Penelope Bianchi,

    I agree entirely! Positivity is THE only way – I may have gone off a bit too far on my rant about belt wearing.

    But there is this notion that what we focus on- we get more of that- so if we want more beauty focus on more beauty etc.


    When will I see you?

    I miss you terribly!

    Much Love


  6. Alan says:

    Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful belts.

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