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A Very Merry X-Mies

James Andrew in front of the Seagram building Plaza.

James Andrew in front of the Seagram building Plaza.

After a lovely evening party at John Rosselli Antiques and then a delicious dinner at Park Avenue Winter, Scott McBee and I enjoyed a spectacular stroll down Park Avenue – we made a point to stop and admire Mies’ sublime Seagram building. I adore the pair of reflecting pools that flank the plaza and especially this time of year when they are filled with a veritable forest of Xmas trees all perfectly graduated and lit to great effect.

Seeing this beautiful display always gets me into the holiday spirit – the smell of the the trees is deliciously intoxicating on a chilly December evening, and now I’m anxious to fill my home with pots of paper whites and amaryllis, and perhaps even a gorgeous little Xmas tree. In any case, I hope all of you are finding a few moments during this oft chaotic time of year to enjoy the lovely season!

I’m getting in the spirit with a Tyrolean and tartan theme – pairing my splendid Tyrolean suit in charcoal wool tweed with black leather piping by Gucci with a red cotton tartan shirt with contrast white collar and french cuffs by Turnbull and Asser. I’m also wearing Seaman Schepps black pearl cuff links and a red alligator belt with sterling buckle from Ralph Lauren, forest green cashmere tie by Borrelli, forest green leather gloves by Sermoneta.


  1. A. says:

    Love it, James! Always fab

  2. Bruno says:

    Oh you look very great! I love the sparkling background! I’m sure you had a very good dinner!

  3. Eugenia Drummond says:

    I almost can smell the christmas cookies in there…….lovely



  4. Christiane von Könemann says:

    Mein lieber James,

    Du solltest mal nach Deutschland zu Weihnachten kommen, die Weihnachtsstimmung hier ist sehr speziell, bist bei mir immer herzlich willkommen.

    Alles Liebe

    Deine Christiane

  5. Paper Doll says:

    You look really fantastic! I can notice that the Christmas spirit has already taken you!

  6. Christian Fuchs says:

    I absolutely love your tyrolean suit!

  7. Mara Helmrich von Ellgott says:

    Dear James,

    You would love Lodenfrey, take a look http://www.lodenfrey.de


    Baroness Mara

  8. Maria La Torre says:

    Que lindo luces James, me encanta la camisa, se ve super navideña en realidad, el traje y los guantes son de película!



  9. Pink Cinnamon says:

    Was there cinammon around? gorgeus tie!

  10. your biggest fan says:

    I love you and the lights in the background…….

  11. Lil´Lilly says:

    You have a lovely face expression as if you were waiting for a really special present this Xmas!

  12. New York always look glamorous in your photos. As if it’s a scene from an old movie. You just always look glamorous. Very Christmas-y.

  13. I love this picture James very handsome in this picture. I hope it will only be the start of the Christmas pictures. What about ice-skating at rocker-feller center..lol


  14. SQUI says:

    Great suit James! Very festive accoutrements!

  15. you know me honey says:

    you look fabulous!

  16. Super Trooper says:

    You look as if you were looking at Santa Claus 😉

  17. Freiin von Spiering says:

    absolutely brilliant!


    Marie FvS

  18. Sabrina Johnson says:

    I can´t wait to read your christmas post!!!

  19. Hallo mein Schatz! says:

    Du bist ein Schatz!

  20. Lola Montes says:

    Guapísimo como siempre! la Navidad te sienta bien!

  21. love the xmas lights in the background.

    be forewarned, I intend to steal this jacket from you. 🙂

  22. Dean says:

    J, Another fabtastic shot ! Merry Chanel mas…

    Love to you and McBee…


  23. pablo di francesco says:

    i loved it, plus the christmas colors in your clothes are a very sweet detail

  24. Prince Michael the Second Ave says:


    You’ve done it once again!

    You’ve punched retardation right in the stomach, climbed on his shoulders, then lifted yourself up.

    Strike a pose, James, cuz this shot of eggnog is for you! Bravo!

  25. Michael says:

    so i went to turnbull and they made me the shirts – as per passals party at perry st. They put appeletes on the shirt- does yours have them? In fact they put them on all the shirts i ordered. WHat are your thoughts?

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