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A Spectacular Find

One can create heightened drama in an interior through the use of floor to ceiling paneling – perhaps made from fine and exotic woods – a pale blue sapphire or smoky topaz mirror can also be employed to great effect. Shown here is a truly exceptional variation on this idea – a wall of thirty-six textured glass silver backed panels in reds, yellows, golds and greens all conspire to make the most spectacular impression. Created by Vol St. Lambert for a 1948 apartment in Brussels, this would be the perfect wall piece to enliven a private elevator landing or entrance gallery. As you can imagine I was thrilled to find this at the sensational Galerie Van den Akker. They always have an excellent collection of the most beautiful and unusual 20th century furniture and they always have new finds to be seen – It is well worth stopping by there often.

I’m wearing a dusty rose suede safari jacket, an ivory cashmere turtleneck sweater, sand colored corduroy pants, brown suede loafers with pink suede trim, brown suede and leather satchel, all by Gucci with Dior sunglasses.


  1. Nickolas haslam says:

    The mythical Amber Room as a backdrop would be so enchanting before you shed the furs for spring non?

  2. Wow, that’s something! Funny, I just dyed some sock yarn in approximately those colors this past weekend. As the yarn was commercially spun already, I could not add in any angelina in the appropriate colors for the kind of glitz those panels have!

    Great, now I want something cool in those colors. I wonder if it’s possible to “pimp” my Doc Marten wingtips? Hmmmm….

    OK, back to the spinning wheel. I’m up to my eyeballs in greens today…

  3. Paul says:

    Galerie Van den Akker is amazing. I cannot believe the super-ferocious things they have … the manager is divine.

  4. I have a difficult time with turtlenecks… But the satchel is flawless.

  5. Flora Bathurst says:

    I would like to get in touch so that I might discuss a feature we are running on Blogs. Do you think you might be able to email me back?

    Many Thanks


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