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A Blissfully Beautiful Beach Day

James Andrew sur la plage.

James Andrew sur la plage.

This past week has been wildly busy. Back home in the city, Scott McBee and I were already missing the sun and sand of Palm Beach so we made a mad dash to the nearest beach! And as expected, it did wonders to lift our spirits and touch up those nice tan lines we’ve been cultivating. It’s amazing what a little sun and fun away from the city can do.

A bottle of rosé chilling in McBee’s ice box put the finishing touch on this blissfully beautiful day.

Dressed for a holiday in St Tropez, I’m sporting a Michael Bastian white linen guayabera style shirt, Tom Ford pink seersucker swim shorts and “Marco” sun glasses, Louboutin Espadrille sandals, Sugar Mill Harbor Island straw hat, and loads of sunscreen of course!


  1. Danny says:

    Good for you! …and you have the legs to carry off those tailored shorts…. 🙂

  2. James Andrew says:

    Dear Danny,

    Thank You!

    I adore my toes in the sand, dreaming and staying tan!



  3. Danny says:

    The emoticon included in my comment above looks more like Jack Nicholson’s The Joker than the light hearted smile i had intended… Enjoy the sand. X

  4. Too bad everyone does not follow your divine blog! And dress appropriately!


    We cannot wait to see you in MOntecito!
    We will be thrilled to take you two “about”!

    Remember Al Capp? “Inner and Outer Slobbovia”?

    I am afraid that is how people dress……even here!

    I am writing the dates!

    Can’t wait to see you ; AGAIN!!!


  5. I have to add!! I have never seen more “klunks” (that is what I say when someone drops a name! Sheesh! It is more fun than you can imagine!!!)

    in one paragraph ! Well done!

    Here’s how it goes: (in conversation: “Well, Henry and I” (I say, “klunk”; he goes on…..Ronnie and Nancy and I; I say “double klunk”!

    this actually happened to me……and it became part of the “lexicon” of my friends and family!

    My dinner partner….after an hour or more of this; finally said…….”What is that word you keep saying?” I said….”klunk?”

    I said……”Oh; I only say that when you ‘drop names’!!”

    That was the end of that! He turned his back (all the way) to me…..and I could enjoy my other dinner partner!

    So; in our family; and among our friends…..”Klunk” is a happy word to describe a “name dropper”; or otherwise “not real” person!!

    Happy calling out “klunking”!!

    What fun!!

  6. Oh! Yikes! I meant to make clear that James NEVER drops names; he is just with people whose names are often “dropped”!


    My dinner partner (all those years ago was a “wannabe James!”

    Just clearing that up!!

  7. James Andrew says:

    Darling Penelope,

    You are so very sublime!

    I love that story – will keep this “klunking” idea in mind.

    Yes so Montecito- we are thinking about August 15 ish – I have been given some spectacular suggestions – Lotusland looks so divine- I am sure you have many more ideas.

    There is a house I would love to see by Santa Barbara architect – Lutah Maria Riggs for Wright S Ludington- a marvelous Palladian /Pompeian style villa.

    What is the chicest place to stay whilst in Montecito and of course look forward to spending loads of time with you and seeing this marvelous place through your elegant eyes.



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