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@60″ Get the look

James Andrew - at home in NYC

James Andrew – at home in NYC

As an interior designer, I am always looking to secure the right art collection for my clients. @60″ is a premier online gallery, specializing in top tier artists from the emerging art world. Bringing the works of vetted artists to one online location certainly can make life a whole lot easier! One of my favorite @60″ features is their SIN (Sample It Now) print. Kipton Cronkite, (one of the company’s founders) explains:

Sample It Now (SIN) Prints allow our clients to “try before they buy” – [in the form of] a full size, watermarked reproduction of the artwork under consideration. By doing so, the client (and, indirectly, you the designer) are saving potentially thousands in shipping, handling and insurance costs associated with having originals relocated to a client’s home for [the] purposes of staging. SIN Prints are color matched to the original and are produced…[to scale]…(the only restriction being the width, which cannot be greater than 64”). We want to provide you and your clients a real sampling of how a particular work will look in a space without incurring the exorbitant cost of having the original shipped for staging. Furthermore, SIN Prints can be produced and shipped extremely quickly and very cost effectively.

@60 Founders,  Kipton Cronkite and Christian Simonds.

@60 Founders, Kipton Cronkite and Christian Simonds.

In addition to their online gallery and SIN prints, their site includes artists bios, curated sales, video studio visits, and a “Get the Look” weekly feature presenting a view into an interior designer / tastemaker / celebrity’s home or office space.
I am thrilled to have my interior as well as pieces I’ve selected for their online galllery featured in this week’s Get the look. Sign in here and check it out! For my Get the Look feature, I’m sporting a Tom Ford suit in a olive wool silk tweed over check, brown and white woven mini hounds tooth French cuff shirt, brown and cream Glenn plaid silk pocket square, brown suede and croc cap toe lace up shoes, antique rose wood and citrine cuff links, Rolex watch, Gucci python belt and my fragrance is Creed Bois du Portugal.


  1. Pablo says:

    I love your feature on @60! Really enjoyed reading the article and looking at the pictures, as well as reading this post with the details of your look. Apart from the art, which I love, I specially like the picture on the sofa with those plain velvet cushions in chocolate, green and turquoise: so elegant, so chic; just as usual. The color of the suit you are wearing is also perfect for those pictures, since it definitely matches the shades on the background but also makes them stand out. Just great.

    Regards from Spain!


  2. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Pablo,

    Thank You for the most sublime comment and musings on what I have shared here.

    I hope that my readers will find you and your musings on your most fabulous blog.



  3. Dean says:

    Congrats James!
    Another PR coup pour vous…
    Great to know about @60 too!


  4. James Andrew says:

    Darling Dean,

    @60 inches will provide you with the most fantastic Art source imaginable.



  5. Love the suit James. Should you ever grow tired of it….

  6. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Robert,

    I can’t wait to explore some Irish Sartorial Splendour this Spring!



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