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James Andrew at 1stdibs - Hedges Projects Present: I'll Be Your Mirror

James Andrew at 1stdibs – Hedges Projects Present: I’ll Be Your Mirror

When my friend, Jim Hedges, offered to give me a tour of his exhibition, I’ll Be Your Mirror, featuring an important collection of rare photographic works by Andy Warhol, I of course jumped at the invitation!

With a sophisticated eye and brilliance as a former financier, Hedges saw a tremendous opportunity in Warhol’s relatively undervalued photographic work, and Hedges’ passion for the work led him to amass a rather magnificent collection. For this selection, Hedges grouped the photographs in four parts, corresponding to Warhol’s evolution as photographer. All have a wonderfully intimate sense of history. We’re particularly fond of the Liza Minnelli photograph (below) used for a spread in Interview Magazine, with working crop marks in red — it’s exactly this one-of-a-kind immediacy that truly distinguishes much of the Warhol works in Hedges’ collection.

Andy Warhol's portrait of Liza-Minelli - courtesy Jim Hedges

Andy Warhol’s portrait of Liza-Minelli – courtesy Jim Hedges

I placed one of the Warhol self portraits “Fright Wig” on a table easel (below). Thought it a clever way to enjoy and display some of these rare beauties!

Andy Warhol self portrait, Fright Wig.

Andy Warhol self portrait, Fright Wig.

Needless to say, Hedges has no shortage of delicious tidbits and fascinating tales regarding these works, and we were lucky enough to hear a few of them on our tour.

photograph by Andy Warhol - courtesy Jim Hedges

photograph by Andy Warhol – courtesy Jim Hedges

Do make a point to visit Hedges fine exhibition of Warhol photographs at the 1stdibs gallery, 200 Lexington Avenue 10th floor. The show runs until October 7.

For all our friends around the world who perhaps can’t visit in person—you can shop and enjoy the exhibition online here.

Dressed for my gallery tour with Jim Hedges, I’m sporting a Tom Ford camel cashmere and silk jacket with suede elbow patches, brown and white mini houndstooth cotton shirt with French cuffs, caramel silk knit tie, silk plaid pant, brown leather tasseled loafers , amber and brown silk pocket square and reading glasses, antique moonstone cuff links, Rolex watch, Hildestahl Valfrid leather tote bag, and my fragrance is Creed Original Cologne.

1stdibs gallery, 200 Lexington Avenue 10th floor. I’ll Be your Mirror, runs until October 7.

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  1. CD says:

    Well, well.

    As James Andrew has become a tangible sartorial icon, when will CD be able to obtain a coffee table book of his superb Gabrielle Everett photographs and others? Such a book will be a perfect addition to Herb Ritts Pictures: Twin Palms California; Dior Couture by Patrick Demarchelier; Bespoke; and needless to say Tom Ford. Undoubtedly an upcoming book on Mert & Marcus as well.

    CD is quite certain he will encounter the book entitled What Is James Wearing? sooner or later at the Rizzoli Bookstore.

    Happy Early Autumn!

    “If you want to know all about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface: of my paintings and films and me, and there I am. There’s nothing behind it.” –Andy Warhol

  2. Dear James,

    What a great post! You know, Jim Hedges had a cottage very near Albert’s – (Naples) and I recall seeing the really cool photography displayed there- I’m excited that you have forged this partnership with first dibs and Jim- congrats!


  3. James Andrew says:

    My Dear CD,

    What a wonderful Warhol quote!!!

    I have had several conversations about a WIJW? book – and I am told that blogs do not translate well to book form.

    Will have to do a bit more research!

    However Thank You for your support and encouragement.

    All my best,


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